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Privacy Policy

EduTone Corporation (hereinafter, “EduTone”) understands the importance of data privacy on behalf of subscribers to its services, and we provide multiple ways for people to contact us with queries and requests. This Privacy Policy Statement includes links to help subscribers manage their profile and privacy settings on EduTone’s services, which include the XchangeTM Single Sign-On platform, the Global Grid for Learning Library content service (, the Global Grid for Learning Marketplace, the WetheTeachers community portal (, and the EdPay store front portal for schools ( Please contact us with questions about our policies:

Mail: EduTone Corporation
Attn: Data Policies
1101 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 201
Alameda, CA 94501

What rights do EduTone’s subscribers have?
The right of access
EduTone’s subscribers can access their information in order to review, update, correct, and manage their profiles. To make changes directly, please use the relevant profile pages on each of the EduTone services. Subscribers can also request a copy of their information from EduTone by writing to, or to our mailing address as given above. We take and respond promptly to any reasonable request for data. Requests are not reasonable when the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to the individual’s privacy in the case in question, or when the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated.

The right of deletion
If a member deletes an account, EduTone will remove all personally identifying information from the relevant EduTone service. Please go to the profile page on the relevant EduTone service to delete an account.
Please note that cancelling a subscription to any specific products purchased or registered to via the Global Grid for Learning Marketplace (specifically) is not the same as deleting an account, which can only be done on the profile page. Publicly shared comments or ratings on the Marketplace may remain in view to other Marketplace subscribers after an account deletion, but nobody in the Marketplace will be able to see the identity of a deleted account holder.

The right of correction
EduTone subscribers must be able to correct and update their information, and we support this right on our profile pages that lets subscribers manage their data. Requests to correct data can also be made directly to us by writing us at or our mailing address as given above.

The right of control
When EduTone’s policies change, subscribers will be asked to agree to “opt in”. This means that the new policies won’t take effect for subscribers until they click on an “I Agree” button when we present new Terms and Conditions on any of our services. Also, we do not collect or share any sensitive information (data that identifies a person’s health, ethnicity, sexuality or religion), and if we ever decided to change this policy, we would update the terms and conditions in order to give subscribers a chance to “opt in” again. Once again, note that an exception to this would be sensitive information that a subscriber shares publicly on the Global Grid for Learning Marketplace. Individual subscribers are responsible for what they share publicly.

What responsibilities do EduTone subscribers have?
Protecting passwords
EduTone uses best practices to encrypt, back up, and generally protect the information on our services, but subscribers need to protect their passwords in order to ensure security. Sharing passwords with others is not appropriate, and changing passwords is an important way to protect one’s account. Please go to the profile pages on the relevant EduTone service(s) to which you subscribe to manage passwords.

Agreeing to terms
Subscribers to EduTone’s services should read carefully new terms & conditions on each service. When important policies change, we will let subscribers know and give them a chance to “opt in” to the new terms and conditions.

Interacting with others
When subscribers share comments, ratings, or other information with other subscribers, it belongs to the author, the audience, and, by extension, EduTone. Authors and audiences benefit from these interactions as a part of being on a social platform.

Publicly shared information can be viewed and used by people who might approach subscribers to market services or get private information. Subscribers are responsible for this shared information and unsolicited messages that may result from shared information.

EduTone will never ask subscribers for passwords or other private data by email or any public channel. Subscribers should never share account data if they are asked by anyone.

Managing cookies
Cookies are files that are stored on people’s computers in order to collect data on how people use and navigate websites. Service providers like EduTone use cookies to learn how to best improve and deliver services.

Subscribers can manage cookies in their web browsers. People can choose to stop accepting cookies or to get prompts before accepting a cookie from websites they visit. Note that some services may not work properly if cookies are disabled, such as language settings or services tailored to your physical location.

What information does EduTone collect?
We only collect two types of data directly from our subscribers: information declared by people on their profile pages (e.g. names, email addresses, academic information such as grade levels, and basic demographic data), and information they share with others publicly on our services, such as comments, ratings or reviews.

Indirectly, we collect data on how often and when people access any of our services when they use our Connectors (via our XchangeTM platform), or download content from our GGFL Library service. However, we do not collect data on how these services are used in external systems like Learning Management Systems. In addition, administrators at school districts or other organizations provide basic account data (e.g. user IDs, passwords, first names, last names, and email addresses) of their teachers and students so that these people can use new services without having to log in or create new accounts. We only use these account data to set up these easy connections to services; we do not collect additional data on these people from external systems.

We also collect data on how a person uses EduTone services (e.g. the devices they use, when and where they interact with our service(s), and the pages they visit). We do this to better understand how our services are used and how we can improve them. Cookies, described earlier in this statement, are a common way to collect this information.

How does EduTone use the information it collects?
Improve its service
Refinements of existing features and additions of new ones are often inspired by researching how our subscribers use EduTone services in their current state.

Identify subscribers that may be interested in EduTone products or services
We use information that subscribers declare on their profile pages (like their favorite subjects or grade levels) and general information gathered from subscribers’ access to our Marketplace (like navigating to the same type of product or service many times) in order to identify the best types of products or services to provide on the Marketplace and to promote them to subscribers who might be interested. EduTone does not provide personally identifying information to third parties for the purpose of targeting services to them. If this policy ever changes, we will update this policy statement and require a new “opt in” from you to indicate your acceptance of such a change.

Fulfil legal obligations
EduTone will comply with requests to disclose information when contacted by law enforcement agencies with appropriate jurisdiction.

All of EduTone’s services are cloud-based solutions hosted in multiple data centers that are in multiple nations. Virtually all EduTone data crosses international boundaries. Our services are hosted on Amazon and Azure Web Services.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage our users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and become aware of modifications.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on February 21, 2018. Effective Date: February 21, 2018